I’m back

I know I haven’t been on here in forever but I have been pretty busy. At the beginning of the year, I said 2017 was gonna be my year and with one major goal already accomplished & several more to go. I’m raring to go, even though the road to the rest, may not be easy & it may take time. One thing for sure, I will get there ☝🏿. I’m not sure how frequent I will be posting on here but I do hope that all my followers are doing well & achieving their goals.

Stay safe & till next time ✌🏿️

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It’s been a while…

It’s definitely  been a while since I was on here. I was focusing on other things in my life which I felt needed my full attention & felt like I needed to just step away from the platform & other social media as well. Anyways you guys will probably see posts from me soon (this week to be exact) till then I hope all of you a guys are good ✌🏿️.


Sometimes the only way to get certain things done is get out of your comfort zone.

I have done this plenty of times & for the most part it had a negative result in certain aspects of my life. Sometimes that have caused me not to take a leap again  in certain aspects of my life even though I have a no give up attitude, there are just times where I feel it doesn’t matter want I do or how I do it, it won’t change the result. Times like that I have to look at times the results have been positive & believe it will happen for those other aspects as well because things don’t happen  or change on their own so if I want something I gotta go for it.

 Just was thinking about this all today & thought it would be good for me to put it down in words. 


 Anyways ✌️


UFC 196

What can I say, it was a night of upsets, the two opponents I thought would of won lost & in the same fashion by a rare near choke hold. And even though Holly Holm loss her belt that night it’s Conor Mcgregor who is getting the flap for losing his fight. Yes, I know he is cocky & trash talk his opponents but he also puts in the dedication & work rate is really good. He is always willing to fight no matter the time given to prepare or opponent. A lot of people are forgetting or don’t understand this guy is the featherweight champion who normally weights around 145lbs and for this fight he had to go up 25 lbs to face  Diaz. 


Just wanted to share with you guys a poem from one of my fav poets, came across a good while ago on ig.
During that time  I went to the beach & I took a few shots. The scenery reminded me of the poem & I thought it would be a perfect fit.


Sometimes I stare out into the open.

Not because I’ve been attracted to what’s there,

But because I think of all the things that aren’t 

– Dru Anthony 

This poem speaks to me more than yall will ever know.


New to this

I thought I did try something new so I created this blog. It will entail my journey in this thing called life. I not one to really open up publicly on social media about matters considering my life so I guess I made this so I will have an outlet & give a glimpse into the unspoken.
My name is Julian, I live in Barbados some say it’s a paradise. I have an hunger to see the world, like I love to travel…seeing different places, people, culture… just seeing & experiencing a different way of life is breath taking to me. 

I’m cool, down to earth guy can be laid back & quiet. Ppl say I’m funny … I like to see the people around me happy. Besides traveling my interests are fitness & fashion.
My main motto in life is to improve, succeed & inspire. Just wanna leave my mark on this world.